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The 2nd season of the ACC Multi Class Series presented by Last Row Racing will introduce the Super Sprint format to LRR.

All races will have a full formation lap and will have dynamic weather.
In-game session start times for qualifying and race 1 will be shared through our Discord. Race 2 will have surprise in-game start time.
The SA requirement to participate in the first race of this season at the Zolder will be set to 75 and 3 track medals will be a standard requirement for all events.

Calendar & Tracks

All races will have a 15 minute Free Practice starting at 20:00 CET, 1 Qualifying session and 2 Race sessions.
Drivers can join at any time before the qualifying session is finished.

Please view the Events tab too see which tracks we will be racing this season.

Super Sprint (4 events)

Super Sprint events will have two 30 minute races and will not have a mandatory pitstop for tires and refueling. The time multiplier for these Super Sprint races will be set to 1x and qualifying is 15 minutes. UNLIKE THE RULES STATE SUPER SPRINT EVENTS WILL HAVE ALL CLASSES QUALIFY WITHIN THE SAME 15 MINUTE SESSION. SLOWER CLASSES DO NOT HAVE TO YIELD WHEN ON A FAST LAP WHEN A FASTER CAR APPROACHES.
Qualifying results generate both the race 1 and race 2 grids.
There will be a 10 minute (5 post race 1 wait minutes + 5 pre race 2 minutes) window between race 1 and race 2.

Assist Rules

Stability Control: Not Allowed
Steer Assist: Not Allowed
Auto Lights: Allowed
Auto Wiper: Allowed
Auto Engine Start: Allowed
Auto Pit Limiter: Not Allowed
Auto Gear: Not Allowed
Auto Clutch: Allowed
Ideal Line: Not Allowed


This series all 2018 GT3 cars (including Porsche Cup and Lamborghini ST) and GT4 are eligible to participate. While booking you will select your car for this season and you choose the car number (where it says livery on signup) you will be racing with.

The cars below are excluded for this series.

AMR V8 Vantage 2019
Audi R8 LMS Evo 2019
Bentley Continental GT3 2018
Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020
Honda NSX Evo 2019
Lamborghini Huracan Evo 2019
McLaren 720S GT3 Special
Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020
Porsche 911 II GT3 R 2019
Nissan GT R Nismo GT3 2018

Drivers & Teams

For this season you can create your own team of up to 3 drivers and only the 2 best performing drivers score towards the team total in each event.


For each driver their 7 best results will count towards their championship total. This will allow drivers to not participate or have a bad result in 1 race without impacting their championship standings. For details on scoring please see the Settings > Scoring section on this page.

There will be separate scoring for GT3, CUP, ST and GT4 classes

Participation & Server Password

After booking your slot you can now confirm your participation for each event a week prior to the event date. This option is available on the participants tab of the event page. When you confirm you will be able the see the password for the event server within ACC. You can also cancel you participation for a single event (if you can’t join that week) and this will open up a spot for a guest driver who wants to join a single event.

Series Rules & Regulations

Please make sure you visit the rules tab, read through and agree to the rules that apply before signing up.

Want to sign up?*

  1. Join our discord here > Last Row Racing Discord
  2. Go to the LRR Mixed Grid > #season2_sign-up_info channel to obtain the password required for booking.
  3. Register on to the league with the password.
  4. Make sure your Last Row Racing Discord nickname matches your RaceApp name incase drivers want to reach out after an incident or stewards need to assign a penalty.

*Booking a slot and not showing up for the first race without notice will immediately make your slot available to a new driver.

Next LRR ACC League Events:


Mixed Grid Race 1 will be on Januari 17th at Zolder



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