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Welcome to season 1 of the Last Row Racing Porsche Cup!

Season & Events

For the first season of the LRR Porsche Cup series presented by Last Row Racing 6 events will be hosted and will feature a mix of European tracks. Please check the “Events” tab for details. All races will have a full formation lap and will have dynamic weather. In-game session start times will be shared when the events pages are updated on The SA requirement for the first race of this season at Barcelona will be set to 71 and will slowly go up as the season progresses. 3 track medals will be a standard requirement

All races will follow a similar format to the Endurance races in the LRR GT3/GT4 Series. Endurance races are 60 minutes in length and require a mandatory pitstop to change tires. Refueling is not allowed so make sure you bring enough fuel to finish the race. With more emphasis on endurance qualifying will be less important and drivers will get 10 minutes to get in a lap. A pitstop for tires is mandatory but refueling is not allowed. There is no designated pit window to complete the mandatory pitstop. The time multiplier for these races will be set to 1x.

Cars & Drivers

All 31 drivers will participate with the Porsche Carrera Cup.While booking you will select your car for this season and you choose your number you will be racing with. Please check the list of drivers that have already booked their slot to see which numbers are already taken. There will be no teams in this short series. Just individual drivers in the same cars going head to head!


For each driver their 5 best results will count towards their championship total. This will allow drivers to not participate in 1 race without impacting their championship standings. For details on scoring please see the Settings > Scoring section on this page.

Participation & Event Server Password

After booking your slot you can now confirm your participation for each event. This option is available on the participants tab of the event page. When you confirm you will be able the see the password for the event. You can also cancel you participation for a single event (if you can’t join that week) and this will open up a spot for a guest driver who wants to join a single event.

Rules & Regulations

Please make sure you visit the rules tab, read through and agree to the rules that apply before signing up.

Want to sign up?*

  1. Join our discord here > Last Row Racing Discord
  2. Contact the league admin (currently Martijn Breuker) to obtain the password required for booking.
  3. Register on to the league with the password.
  4. You will get access to all LRR Discord channels after completing steps 1-3.

*Booking a slot and not showing up for the first race without notice will immediately make your slot available to a new driver.

Next LRR ACC League Events:


GT3 Race 6 will be on Oktober 18th at Kyalami



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  • April 8th 2021

    Start Ultra Endurance Season 1

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    Start second Super Trofeo Season

    March 25th 2021

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    Start first Super Trofeo Season

  • November 19th 2020

    1st LRR Porsche Cup Series Race

    November 19th 2020

  • August 24th 2020

    First LRR GT4 league race

  • 2020 - August

    Upgraded LRR server to 32 drivers

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    ACC NL League - Season 1 Race 1 Monza

    April 27th 2020

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